Our restaurant, Osteria al Castello di Buttrio, offers seasonal dishes which you can savor by the fire, in winter, and on the panoramic terrace, during the summer months.

About Us

Sipping a glass of wine on the terrace and taking in the scents of nature, savouring a dish enjoying its flavour and texture or discovering the preserves kept on the shelves: at Osteria al Castello di Buttrio we want to you to have a truly unique experience. Surrounded by vineyards and hills, set in the atmosphere of the castle to experience a coming together. The Friulian territory is the setting for the restaurant as well as the menu: wines, meats, cheeses and various products come from specific areas of the region. Whether it is a stalk of broccoli transformed into a veil or eggplant peel made into powder, our gastronomic philosophy focuses on respecting the ingredients: the use of every part of the raw materials. Reducing waste in the kitchen stimulates creativity, drives ideas and is a starting point for new dishes. In order to always to enhance the ingredients, the menu is seasonal. A cuisine, which begins with the essences of the raw materials and continues with curious experimentation. The result? An essential and exquisite offering, the expression of a young chef, who makes research the driving force behind his work.

Useful Information

In winter the room is heated by the fireplace and in the milder seasons you may sit on the terrace, overlooking the vineyards. We also offer aperitifs, which may be enjoyed only in the outdoor area. We offer alternatives to meet your every need, be it for a vegetarian or vegan diet, allergies and intolerances.