Wine is tradition yet also innovation,

it must be deferential towards the grape and respect the sense of the place,
enhancing it. To me, these are the fundamental conditions
for high-quality and unique wine-making.

Alessandra Felluga

The historic vineyards of Castello di Buttrio.

The first objective, on these hills where vines , was to understand and capitalize on the wealth of historic vineyards, considered the real heritage of the company. Cultivated around the castle, within an area of about 10 hectares, they date back to circa 1940 and, with their various indigenous varietals, represent the wine history of Friuli. These plants, pillars of time, instinctively convey strength and give balance and structure to the wine.

A place which must be protected and enhanced.

The ability to face and overcome the climatic changes of these past years are the result of painstaking commitment and paying close attention to the seasons. The use of equipment and natural products, mechanical weeding, pruning dedicated to each individual plant, reflect our profound respect for this environment, protected and enhanced following nature's rhythms.

Safeguarding tradition.

Production in historic vineyards is based on low yields and the grapes reward with wines with a clear, elegant and defined character. In some small plots, the soil is aerated by hand-hoeing, while harvest takes place in small boxes after a careful selection of the grapes. The vineyards frame the Castle of Buttrio with their terraces in a motionless image of suspended beauty.

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Some vines of Castello di Buttrio

Old vines. A precious and long-lived heritage.

Precious vineyards dating back to the 1930s, 1940s and early 1950s with tall and austere vines, marked by time, which constantly yield high-quality wines, even in the least favorable years. Cultivated with friulano, merlot, verduzzo, malvasia, ribolla, the old vineyards are the natural continuation of the garden surrounding the castle. Together with maritime pines, cypresses, very fragrant osmanthus and magnolias, they are the silent guardians of the history of Castello di Buttrio.

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Amphitheaters: frames of undulating hills.

The vineyards, laid out along the hillside and near the castle, embrace the panorama that extends to the Castle of Udine. They receive the best and most exposure and their vines are distributed in accordance with the microclimate of each part. The rows of black grape varieties, which require more sun to ripen, are set in the highest areas, and white grape varieties in the lower fresh ones plots, to best preserve the fragrances and aromas.

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Ettaro. Sauvignon Riserva.

Grapes that are painstakingly looked after during harvest time in order ensure the rich and multi-faceted bouquet and palate notes are not lost. In the hot years, there are hints of white peach, a nuance of citrus and tropical fruits. In the cold years, notes of elderberry and forest flowers prevail, and intense and elegant fine field herbs.

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