A bond that brings about a renewed passion,

in the knowledge that the memory of the past
is the key to the future.

From generation to generation,
a skillfully rendered legacy.

Marco Felluga purchased the property in 1994 and began the restoration of the castle and historic vineyards, the real heritage of the company. A project that is being currently carried on by his daughter Alessandra and his granddaughters with determination and dedication, reflecting their personality and style.

A mission that is rooted in
respect for the land and the crops.

The essence of this place is revealed slowly, every day teaching you something, it gradually unfolds over the years as the light and breeze blowing over these hills. It is permeated with the slow care of hardworking hands, of seasons spent in the vineyard, time waiting in the cellar, of tender affections imbued in the wine.

History, family and territory
woven together by the strands of time.

Today, Castello di Buttrio is at the center of a story where past, present and future coexist in perfect harmony. The castle is made up of buildings dating back to different time periods which have been exquisitely restored. The old vineyards coexist with the new ones, and they all receive attentive and scrupulous care. All this contributes to the identity of a unique place, suspended in a slower time.