Castello di Buttrio is the perfect synthesis

between nature and the patient work of man.

Where time is made place.

Beneath the castle and the annexes built in later periods, nature is the silent witness to the long winemaking tradition of these hills, dotted with centuries-old trees and large luxuriant plants. The rows of old and new vineyards paint a landscape of rare beauty and infinite harmony.

A symbiosis of natural elements.

This context provides the ideal conditions for the vine, here it acquires the elements that give the wine its connotation. Understanding and capitalizing on this wealth, with respect for the natural cycles of plants and their grapes, with devotion to daily work, in the vineyard and in the cellar, are the core principles behind Castello di Buttrio.

Discover the vineyards
The terroir.

The varietals express their full potential, through the land that makes them grow, thanks to a perfect balance between the climate, exposure and soil. The ponca, or flysch, is a special parent rock typical of this area, a sedimentary formation consisting of repeated layers of generally marly limestone and sandstone deposited by water flow in the Eocene period.