The Castello di Buttrio vineyards

Vines have always grown on these hills. Alessandra Felluga’s first goal in 2007 was to understand and get the best out of this rich heritage of historic vineyards. Many of the plots were planted long ago, and yield less than more recent plantings, but the older rows bespeak power. They imbue the wines with balance and structure. A heritage to safeguard and enhance.

The complex task of restructuring the vineyards is ongoing even today. Work is guided by the balance and natural cycles of the vines as air, water, soil and sunshine are respectfully left to do their essential work.

Grape production aims for low yields and the fruit repays the compliment by giving elegant, ringingly characterful wines.

Today the 26 hectares of vineyards enclose the Castello di Buttrio with their terraced rows in a snapshot of suspended beauty.

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