Ribolla Gialla
Ribolla Gialla

The story of Ribolla Gialla is wrapped in the scents of the Mediterranean. Borne by waves from the island of Cephalonia, the ribolla gialla grape found a home in the hills of Friuli. It was mentioned as long ago as the 12th century and praised by Ger-man chroniclers in the 14th. Ribolla Gialla wine has always had a special place in the viticulture of eastern Friuli, where it is part and parcel of the history of empires, peoples and places.
Vibrant, sun-ripe and characteristically fresh on entry, Ribolla Gialla off ers marked minerality complementing notes of broom as it tempts the palate with notes of citrus.

Provenance of grapes:
From the vineyards of Castello di Buttrio
Alternate layers of marl and sandstone of Eocene origin, known as “ponca” in Friulian
Vineyard sites:
Hillslope rows, planted on ledges for improved vineyard management
Site climate:
The location in the hills at Castello di Buttrio, 142 metres above sea level, ensures perfect air circulation and the ideal range of day-night temperatures at harvest time brings the grapes to optimal ripeness
Age of vines:
10-60 years
Training system:
Vineyard management:
Integrated low environmental impact management encourages the grapes to express the territory
Harvest period:
Decided on the basis of periodic grape tastings and monitoring of sugar, acidity and aromatic ripeness
Soft pressing with separation of the press fractions. Settling at 14 °C for 24-36 hours. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 18-20 °C
For 6-8 months on the fermentation lees kept in suspension by periodic stirring
Release to market:
8-10 months after the harvest
Sensory profile:
Appearance: Straw yellow
Nose: Fragrantly floral, elegant and stylish
Palate: Dry, fresh-tasting and lively with distinct acidity
Food matchings:
A fine partner for cold or raw fish starters with tart lemon-based sauces. Great with soups, especially cream soups and veloutés, as well as pasta and rice with vegetable sauces or fish-based preparations
Serving temperature:
8° – 10° C
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