Summoner of dreams and partner to memories. Dazzling gold and amber glow, embracing honey and vanilla, its sweetness becomes enigmatic by the tannic verve of the Verduzzo. It slowly melts into the palate, leaving it resounding of candied apricots with memories of pan pepato.

Provenance of grapes:
From the vineyards of Castello di Buttrio
Alternate layers of marl and sandstone of eocene origin, known as “ponca” in the local dialect
Vineyard sites:
Hillslope rows, planted on ledges for improved vineyard management
Site climate:
The location in the hills at Castello di Buttrio, 142 metres above sea level, ensures perfect air circulation and the ideal range of day-night temperatures at harvest time brings the grapes to optimal ripeness
Age of vines:
35 - 85 years
Training system:
Vineyard management:
Integrated low environmental impact management encourages the grapes to express the territory
Harvest period:
Decided on the basis of periodic grape tastings and monitoring of sugar, acidity and aromatic ripenes
Grape drying:
The harvested grapes are placed in the granary of a hilltop farm, where they are dried naturally to the desired concentration of sugar. The location ensures constant circulation of air in the drying room, making any further procedures to achieve concentration unnecessary
The grapes are very slowly crushed and pressed whole in a wooden vertical press. The juice is allowed to settle naturally in order to separate the clear must from the solid dregs. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in small French oak casks without temperature control, until the desired ratio of alcohol and residual sugar is reached
For 12 months on the fermentation lees kept in suspension by periodic stirring
Sensory profile:
Appearance: Deep golden yellow
Nose: Redolent of pineapple and apricot candied fruits, acacia honey and vanilla
Palate: Sweet yet fresh-tasting proffering intense wafts of candied citrus and lemon verbena
Food matchings:
Mature cheeses, petits fours or apricot jam tarts
Serving temperature:
10° – 12° C
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