A natural approach to the land

In a fascinatingly complex project, driven by the farming spirit and enhanced every day by experience, nature is interpreted. Without prejudice. On equal terms. The aim is to obtain fruit and wine that express the inner soul of these hills.

Wine’s genuineness is its most essential quality, coaxed out by the winemaker in a vibrant kaleidscope of tones, each thrilling with a distinctive sense of place.

It is a long journey that begins with the harmony of plant and its environment, a world of soil, air and sun. The spontaneous scrub has been conserved to provide a welcoming environment for wildlife, insects and wild flowers. The gentle hillslopes have been left unaltered so that the vines can enjoy optimum exposure to sunlight.
Grapes are harvested only when fully ripe and the fragrance of the fermenting must is redolent of autumn in Arcadia. The selected bunches are collected in small cases and taken at once to the winery, where they are processed separately by vineyard. Alessandra Felluga is fully aware that the unique character of each plot must be preserved so that its essence can emerge in the glass.

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