Tradition and culture

Winegrowers work with time and the seasons. Time for the growing cycle of the vineyard, the ripening of the grapes and the unhurried maturation of the wine. The seasons are nature’s. We respect and follow them. Alessandra Felluga brings all this together in wines to spontaneously describe a superb wine territory, the Buttrio hills in the Friuli Colli Orientali DOC.

About us

How do you move forward as a fifth-generation winegrower? Alessandra Felluga started out from a world of viticulture, a family passion and a shared love of the land, vineyards, winemaking and wine tastings.

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Our work

The healthiest, most characterful grapes are selected in the vineyard. Meticulous vine management allows the plant to develop its full potential. This means that the way we work is crucial.

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The Castello di Buttrio vineyards extend over 26 exclusively hillslope hectares. Many plots have long been cultivated, nurtured by the local “ponca” (flysch) soil, comprising layers of sandstone and marl.

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