The first mention of Castello di Buttrio dates from 1139, which suggests that the complex was originally built in the 11th century. The hill where the castle stands is called Pampinutta, a clear reference to the “pampino” or vine leaf, and vines are still cultivated here. Dominating flatlands and mountains in an area long pivotal for southern and northern European history, Castello di Buttrio can look back on an eventful past.

Uprisings, battles, assaults, dogged defence, destruction and reconstruction have all touched the Castello di Buttrio, a refuge much loved for its gardens and enviable views. The castle was home to various noble houses, from the “signori” or lords of Buttrio and the Cuccagnas to the de Portis, Varmo di Sotto and Morpurgo families, who did much for the village and for the neighbouring town of Udine.

Today, the complex comprises two mansion houses and several edifices, dating from the 17th to the 20th century, built on the sites of earlier structures. Alessandra Felluga set out to recover the castle, restoring a long-neglected site to its former glory. The historic residence has come back to life afresh in a new guise, opening its doors to give guests a very special welcome.

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