Entertainment and activities for everyone

Castello di Buttrio’s country location makes it ideal for a relaxing break or an active sports vacation. For those who prefer cultural tourism, Castello di Buttrio is an excellent base for visiting famous and less well-known art destinations. If you are travelling for work, why not combine business with pleasure?

Cellar tastings

Wine tourists will want to start with the bottles from host and wine woman Alessandra Felluga’s cellar. The Castello di Buttrio cellar is an equally intriguing place for business guests, who will be able to extend their knowledge of wine in a journey of the senses for eye, nose and palate.

Lunches and dinners at the Locanda

Our menus are based on traditional Friuli cooking with a special Castello di Buttrio touch. We use seasonal produce. Enjoy your meal beside a crackling fire in winter or in summer on the patio, under the large hackberry tree, where a splendid view of the vineyards opens before you. Savour our menus whenever you want. The Locanda is open seven days a week.

Eating out of doors

A wicker basket, a rug, good local food and a bottle of wine from the Castello di Buttrio winery. It’s another class of picnic altogether, lovingly packed by Castello di Buttrio with in-season food. And it’s your chance to explore the countryside while nature charms your senses.

Bicycle excursions

The Friulian countryside around Buttrio intersperses flatlands with gentle hills that are easy to negotiate even if you don’t ride a bike regularly. So why not enjoy the pleasure of the wind in your hair? Castello di Buttrio provides guests with bicycles free of charge and can suggest itineraries for you to explore.

Explore Friuli Venezia Giulia

Castello di Buttrio is well served by Friuli’s road network, which takes you swiftly to art towns and other local gems. Visit the Austro-Hungarian port of Trieste and noble Udine, where the Most Serene Republic of Venice has left many traces, or Gorizia, which like Udine is dominated by a castle. Explore is also the star fortress of Palmanova, the UNESCO Heritage Site of Cividale del Friuli with its 13th century Lombard temple, Venetian Grado with its reed-thatch lagoon “casoni” homes, the Roman colony of Aquileia, today the second most important archaeological site of Northern Italy, or San Daniele del Friuli, famed for its air-dried ham and graced by the Guarneriana, one of the oldest public libraries in Italy.

Visits to historic Friuli residences

The hotel de charme set in the castle complex is an encounter with the past that can be extended by visits to the many historic buildings in the area. Castello di Buttrio is a member of ADSI, the Italian Association of Historic Residences, and of the Consortium for Safeguarding Historic Castles in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Visit the association websites to discover residences to include in your personal cultural itinerary for Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Shopping in and around Udine

We suggest you start your shopping expedition at the Castello di Buttrio cellar. Continue your selections on a tour of other local wineries and pick up some food matchings on your way. Try some Gubana, the rich fruit cake from the Natisone valleys, air-dried prosciutto crudo ham from San Daniele, Montasio cheese or formadi frant all’Asìno, a tangy cheese from Carnia. Do take time to browse Udine’s elegant stores for clothes, shoes, furniture and household accessories.