No other wine could better describe the character of this Region: an indigenous vine testifying the diversity of the locations and their uniqueness. Essence and expression of a mountain land which plunges into the Mediterranean, closely tied to the land and crystal clarity, enchanting with its reticence to the ostentation which becomes to the palate generous, welcoming warmth. An absolute wine, a wine that keeps its promises. The historic vineyards of Castello di Buttrio present themselves in clusters of small, golden grapes, incisive minerality and extraordinary clarity of aromatic profiles.

Provenance of grapes:
the vineyards of Castello di Buttrio
layers of marl and sandstone of Eocene origin, known as “ponca” in Friulian
Vineyard sites:
Hillslopes, terraced for improved vineyard management
Site climate:
The location in the hills at Castello di Buttrio, 142 metres above sea level, ensures perfect air circulation and the ideal range of day-night temperatures at harvest time brings the grapes to optimal ripeness
Age of vines:
Varying from 15 to 80 years
Training system:
Vineyard management:
Integrated low environmental impact management encourages the grapes to express the territory
Harvest period:
Decided on the basis of periodic grape tastings and monitoring of sugar, acidity and aromatic ripeness
Soft pressing with separation of the press fractions. Settling at 14 °C for 24-36 hours. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 18-20 °C
For 6-8 months on the fermentation lees kept in suspension by periodic stirring
Release to market:
8-10 months after the harvest
Sensory profile:
Appearance: Straw yellow
Nose: Intense, aroma-rich and poised with hints of almonds and ripe fruit
Palate: Well-rounded and full-flavoured thanks to nicely gauged acidity and generous extract. Almondiness underpins the lingering aromatic length
Food matchings:
The Tocai Friulano grape makes this wine an unrivalled partner for air-dried prosciutto crudo di San Daniele ham and delicate cured meats such as culatello. A match made in heaven if served with herb omelettes and risottos or egg and asparagus-based dishes. Vegetable soups and Friuli’s traditional bean and barley soup
Serving temperature:
8° – 10° C
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