A tradition of wine

Following the acquisition of the Castello di Buttrio estate, a meticulous restructuring programme got under way. Everything, from vines to the soil, castle and farm buildings, was in need of attention. Row by row and stone by stone, the programme began to take shape and the initial 25-hectare holding, with 13 under vine, started to expand. Fifth-generation wine woman Alessandra Felluga worked with her father Marco from the start when he acquired the Buttrio estate in 1994. Making premium reds in white-wine Friuli could have been a gamble but Alessandra shared her father’s vision. Appreciating the potential of Buttrio terroir, she took over in 2007. Today, her far-sightedness has been rewarded by the results obtained from the 26 hectares under vine.

It all started on Pampinutta hill

Records from centuries past reveal that the estate where Alessandra Felluga makes her wine has a long history of viticulture. Even the name of the hill where the grapes for Castello di Buttrio wines grow – Pampinutta – clearly derives from the word for a vine leaf (pampino). The records of the parish of Santa Maria at Buttrio show that in 1429, the lord of Buttrio, Federico, made gifts of “conzi”, measures of Cividino wine. The document goes on to say that Cividino white wine was “highly aromatic, tasting of rosolio and carnations”, and that at the time “Ribolla d’Istria, Pinella, Clareda, Turbiano, Malvasia and Moscatello” were also produced. In the 17th century, “refosco, picolito, tazzelenghe, bevert, prosecco, negrus, fumat, corvin, cordovado, ribolla nera, dulciolo, berzamino, and ribolla gialla and verde” grapes were being cultivated.

Castello di Buttrio today – Winery, Hotel de Charme and Osteria

The beauty of the landscape, the fertile, replanted vineyards, the tenacious, long-established vines and peace absorbed as the seasons pass. History pervades the castle and the countryside round about. It is obvious that nature and history have been at home here for centuries. A marvellous experience for those who know how to appreciate it. This gave rise to the idea of sharing the wine world through tastings in the winery, meals at the Locanda and stays in the historic residence. Now a hotel de charme, the residence is a perfect venue for weddings and events.

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