Castello di Buttrio

Castello di Buttrio is a hotel de charme located in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Overlooking the eastern hills of the province of Udine, Castello di Buttrio transforms a stay into an unforgettably relaxing vacation.

Access is along a short, hornbeam-shaded avenue. A magnificent panorama opens out, embracing the Alps, the Adriatic, farmland and the vineyards of the Colli Orientali. This was the perfect place to build a castle that dominated all approaches and could not be taken by surprise. Behind that castle lies the long history that captured the imagination of the current owner.

Since 2007, Alessandra Felluga has been diligently restoring the all the attractions of an historic residence in the heart of Friuli’s wine country. Castello di Buttrio will appeal to those looking for a romantic weekend or a quiet holiday break, to admirers of historic residences and to food lovers keen to taste Friuli’s elegant wines served with tempting local specialties. Alessandra Felluga welcomes her guests personally and often entertains them at tasting sessions in the cellar.

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